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HYDROMETER. An instrument for measuring the density of fluids; being immersed in fluids, as in water, brine, beer, brandy, &c., it determines the proportion of their densities, or their specific gravities, and thence their qualities.
     2. By, the Act of Congress of January 12, 1825, 3 Story's' Laws U. S. 1976, the secretary of the treasury is authorized, under the direction of the president of the United States, to adopt and substitute such hydrometer as he may deem best calculated to promote the public interest, in lieu of that now prescribed by law, for the purpose of ascertaining the proof of liquors; and that after such adoption and substitution, the duties imposed by law upon distilled spirits shall be levied, collected and paid, according to the proof ascertained by any hydrometer so substituted and adopted.

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allow the hydrometer to settle for one minute before reading the gage value;
If you have any question about these new hydrometers contact EMCS(SS) Page (SUBLANT electrician) at (757) 836-1260 (DSN 564); or EMCM(SS) Frampus (SUBPAC electrician) at (808) 473-5577 Ext.
You will forget what your hydrometer readings were.
The test is performed with a hydrometer, which is a sealed glass tube that contains a calibrated scale in degrees Baume.
This unit was easy to test, because it is designed to emulate the basic operation and results of the long-available and respected hydrometer The basic idea of the hydrometer is to measure the presence of coffee strength by setting a weighted device into the coffee.
The graduated cylinder full of white wine early in the fermentation process contains a hydrometer to measure the density of the liquid and thus its sugar content.
At the beginning of the experiment, the percentage of clay, silt, sand and soil texture were determined using the hydrometer method [4].
First of all, he needs to acquire a hydrometer, which measures the specific gravity of the "green" wine.
AFS 409-87-TS, Specific Gravity of Refractory Coatings: Hydrometer Method (i.
For this reason, the Coffee Brewing Institute developed the coffee hydrometer.
The soil hydrometer method described by Pramer and Schmidt [24] was used for determining the soil texture.
The release incorporates a broad series of new innovations that include numerous contributions from Xerox, Textron, ITT Defense, Lear Corporation, Xyratex, Carestream Health, ECCO, Freudenberg, Spartan Chassis, DIEHL Metering HYDROMETER, and other corporate community members.