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33% at an ultrasonic amplitude of 10 [micro]m and a hydrostatic pressure of 1 MPa.
Keywords: direct shear test, constant stress, shearing strength, hydrostatic pressure, angle of internal friction, cohession, sand.
The permeability measurement is based on the gradual increase of the hydrostatic pressure of the hydraulic oil in the KTK 100 triaxial cell (produced by the company Unipress, Poland, and modified for gas passages).
The subsurface water accumulated under the pool, exerting hydrostatic pressure on the empty pool and lifting it out of the ground.
The sensing SMF with a length (L) using as the hydrostatic pressure sensing element is spliced to the guiding SMF (using as the optical guiding medium) with a lateral offset (h).
With wood and fibercement siding and trim, you need to install the wood siding and trim over a small gap to control hydrostatic pressure.
This work aims to study the effects of uncertainties of material properties and physical dimensions on the critical buckling pressure of composite long cylinders subjected to external hydrostatic pressure by using probabilistic finite element analysis method.
The pressures involved in the Starling equation are (1) hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary capillary, (2) colloid osmotic pressure in the pulmonary capillary, (3) hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary interstitium, and (4) colloid osmotic pressure in the pulmonary interstitium.
Wastewater facilities are typically wet and experience hydrostatic pressure under normal service conditions.
Several in vitro studies have shown the importance of mechanical compression or hydrostatic pressure (HP) as a modulator of cartilage metabolism.
The March Group currently represents an oil field services company providing hydrostatic pressure testing (60% of 2007 revenue) and magnetic scanning (40%) of down hole tubing, which is utilized in oil and gas wells.