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We hope these predictions prove correct and are not another example of the hyperbole we are so good at.
When President Duterte threatened to suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, he claimed it was just hyperbole.
hyperbole, it truth that face What kind of world are we living in that can't even give safety to these children and would rather see them left to die than allow them into the UK.
I was a former (trial court) judge and I'm always careful to make the distinction between hyperbole.
So the residual effect of hyperbole may be exactly the same as if achieved through a flat statement - but with a welcome dressing of individuality.
Although children can fully comprehend this language by age six, certain forms of irony such as hyperbole were understood at age four.
Speaking of hyperbole, William James was a psychologist and philosopher, not a novelist like his brother Henry.
For Aristotle, for example, metaphor represents the paradigm trope including, not only what we call metaphor, but also simile, metonymy, personification and hyperbole (Rhetoric 3: 10-11, Poetics 20-22; quoted in Dascal and Gross 1999: 122).
rectangular hyperbole formula which center is shifted from coordinates origin to point C (-d/c ; a/c).
My remark about a Shinto or Buddhist shrine on every corner was a bit of hyperbole for the sake of illustration.
It slows down the writing process and enables students to focus on creativity, composition writing sentence by sentence, the development of ideas, and the use of literary devices, such as personification, hyperbole, similes and metaphors.