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Then the coordinates of the top of the other hyperbole Beryllium will be: [X.
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich's comparison between the Iran today and Nazi Germany 1935 is of course hyperbole.
Over the years, I've learned a few things about separating hyperbole from reality.
In an amusing fit of hyperbole, one overeager company official-using a meat cleaver--even chopped a PC cord in half.
There is some hyperbole in the assertion that "all aspects of the authorship, production, distribution, and reception of manuscripts, books and journals in the various sciences are examined (i), but the twenty chapters range widely over the field and draw on original and often ongoing research.
Ford, however, turns their lives into "hood" hyperbole, replete with incredible descriptions that read like a ghetto cliches.
If I may engage in a little hyperbole, would you have condoned the free exchange of atomic information in the early 1940s?
The hyperbole in the title aside, Maximum Return does have a good deal going for it.
DeLay in my article was an acceptable use of hyperbole in light of his amazing remarks.
The specific language behaviors examined were children's utterances of verbal hyperbole.
What we have now is mostly advertising hyperbole and anecdote.
Despite Rota's stylistic schizophrenia, the final image of dancers, curled on the rings as the contraption spins like a Ferris wheel to the strains of Strauss's Blue Danube, is theatrical hyperbole that justifiably evokes astonished gasps and the explosive ovation of a delighted audience.