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Given its importance in a learner-controlled hypertext environment, it is essential to understand the factors that influence the extent to which EFL learners engage in metacognitive strategy use, hypermedia annotations, and learning motivation on hypertext comprehension.
HYPERMEDIA will develop video indexing tools that increase the possibilities for interactivity.
It is Moreno-Munoz's (2000: 114) definition that fits best with this research: <<the mixture of hardware and software that the reader-author uses to communicate with the hypermedia program>>.
Pure Energy's in-store media campaign showed 42 percent more product units were sold compared to control stores without Hypermedia installations, while 42 percent more individual shoppers purchased Pure Energy drinks where the campaigns were installed.
Instructors can also use hypermedia tools, the fourth category of WBPT, to support the use of task strategies and help seeking (key processes of the performance and self-reflection phases).
These mixed results suggest that some individuals can effectively use CBLEs such as hypermedia, whereas other students have difficulty using these CBLEs to learn.
With the increased use of computers in education and training, hypermedia has emerged as a delivery system which has the potential to meet these demands.
The students in HyperMedia I learn about space, time and layering, such as superimposing layers for a 3D effect, which are critical to understanding real multimedia, he says.
Hypermedia applications in particular have grown in popularity in recent years.
While the term `hyperlearning' is not defined by the authors, the reader assumes that it is a form of learning in which students are engaged in reading, writing, classifying and organising data to produce their own hypermedia documents.
Educational multimedia and hypermedia, 1995 (Proceedings of ED-MEDIA '95--World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Graz, Austria, June 20, 1995) (pp.
The design of the Chimera open hypermedia system evolved from our research in the software engineering and user interface development domains [Kadia 1992; Taylor et al.