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Hypermedia selected Surf's technology for its wide range of media processing capabilities and modular packaging in order to offer customers flexible solutions that match their current and future density, and channel requirements," said Rami Hershkovitz, VP Sales, Hypermedia Systems.
Assessing complex problem-solving skills and knowledge assembly using web-based hypermedia design.
The efficacy of an interactive hypermedia program for teaching a test-taking strategy to students with high-incidence disabilities.
HYPERMEDIA will investigate the handling and delivery of continuous multimedia (audiovisual) material in a hypermedia service environment.
Hypermedia, an example of a type of CBLE that allows students to pursue personal goals, presents information in a nonsequential and nonlinear manner which allows students to access information of their choosing (Jacobson & Archodidou, 2000; Jonassen, 1989).
In the program, prospective teachers develop hypermedia stacks to communicate their understandings of important issues in mathematics, teaching, and learning.
However, although this book is not a specific guide on how to use hypermedia, it provides the reader with more.
Educational multimedia and hypermedia, 1995 (Proceedings of ED-MEDIA '95--World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Graz, Austria, June 20, 1995) (pp.
A language that provides a structured, high-level design of the hypermedia project is a key contributor to achieve this target; nevertheless, it allows keeping the project development at a semantic level, not depending on toolkit's internal representation rules.
ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (15th: 2004: Santa Cruz, CA)
It's probably also important to mention that most hypertexts nowadays are hypermedia texts, complete with still and moving images--which are sometimes interactive--and sound.
Though the company's multimedia programs are untried in the home furnishings industry, Larry Aaron, managing partner, said the applications HyperMedia has developed for past clients easily can be applied to retailers of home furnishings.