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Managing rHTN presents a substantial challenge for physicians; the publication in the Journal of Hypertension cites results from the Supporting Hypertension Awareness and Research Europe-wide (SHARE) physician survey showed that, on average, only half (52.
Subjects in the white-coat hypertension group gained an average of 3.
Dr Al Said said the conference was held under the theme Standing Together Against Hypertension because a joint approach among health practitioners was the only way to help combat the condition.
Is the 'rule of halves' in hypertension still valid?
Given these findings, "preventing and treating hypertension may have an important impact in lowering the risk of cognitive impairment," they said.
The proportion of hypertensive patients whose hypertension can be attributed to these drugs and toxins is unknown, limiting any estimation of the burden of this problem.
It's too early to say whether colas cause hypertension, but if you're drinking four or more cans a day, you're getting too much sugar or too much of the artificial sweeteners aspartame or acesulfame potassium anyway.
Hypertension, whether in the lungs or elsewhere, puts a strain on the heart, which may then enlarge abnormally and eventually fail.
But a study of 501 women with hypertension at delivery suggests that the 20-week cutoff is not a reliable one.
Hypertension is a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high.
This paper describes a test method for measuring the mechanical properties of small, nonlinear membranes samples from a rat model for pulmonary hypertension.
1) Similar results were found in analyses comparing women who experienced gestational hypertension with normotensive mothers.