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So, could it really be that in 107 years not one of the surely hundreds of these hyphenated posh boys had proved good enough to make the England XI and take an actual wicket?
When I get overwhelmed with protests, marches and requests to join a hyphenated group, I go to the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital where I can simply hang out with vets of all colors, races and creeds.
Hybrid instruments for XPS-Raman and other hyphenated techniques, such as rheology-Raman, will increase in importance over the next decade.
While most online examples are hyphenated, here are two occasions where the word is spelled solidly: "That's what you call the mitigating circumstances of our psychomarketing isolation
In the survey, single-note category 1 digraphs outnumbered hyphenated ones by 2.
What is clear from the study's findings, however, is that Turkish youth do not find the secular-Islamic political divide meaningful in their lives; in fact, they find it quite stressful and feel obligated to affirm a hyphenated identity.
The revised spelling of the Kyrgyz language entails return to previous spelling used in the Soviet time, when words once hyphenated and then written in one word will be hyphenated again, such as Issyk-Kul, Ala-Too.
Both German nationals, their son, also a German national, was born in Denmark on 27 June 1998, with the hyphenated surname of the mother and the father, as allowed by the Danish authorities.
Of course, the idea of the hyphenated American causes lots of mixed reaction i.
Thermo Scientific GRAMS is a spectroscopy software solution used by industry professionals worldwide for visualizing, processing and managing data from FT-IR, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, NMR and hyphenated instruments manufactured by multiple vendors.
Hyphenated name or not, this Robert Lopez-Mont guy is one of the gnarliest new dudes out there.
One of the six-letter answers is a hyphenated English colloquialism not found in some dictionaries.