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In their introduction, Sibley and Monroe (1990: xxi) confessed that "Hyphenation of compound group-names has caused some concern," and also that "Suggestions were made to omit the hyphenation entirely, or to omit it with adjectival first parts.
successful; the hyphenations can be more or less comprehensible to the
Sonnet II, chosen by Pring-Mill as the one with the most encumbered use of hyphenations, (12) contains seven such words.
complains that the majority of the hyphenations in this sonnet
The remaining five hyphenations, all appearing in the last four
It contains five hyphenations, most of which are fairly
prepared for hyphenations that deal with this theme.
15) If we examine all of the 35 Sonnets' hyphenations,
Sonnet v is an example of both fewer hyphenations (four rather than
The company conceived, designed and developed the *TALO hyphenation system from a psychological, cognitive and language perspective.