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Most of the contemporary publications on the topic of hypnotic psi (to be discussed fully in Part 2) have implicitly assumed--actually on little or no evidence--that hypnosis has been established not only as an altered state but also as a psi-conducive one.
The TV3 programme You're Back In The Room sees a team take on apparently simple challenges to win money, but there's a catch - they will all be under Keith's hypnotic spell.
TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS - Hypnotic Eye ALMOST 40 years after bursting onto the scene with breakthrough hit American Girl, Hypnotic Eye makes it 13 albums for Petty and his Heartbreakers (16 if you count the three solo efforts on which they also appear).
Washington, July 13 ( ANI ): Men who experience hot flashes won't reveal much about it, but they may find relief from their silent suffering if they are willing to try an unusual treatment, Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, according to findings from a Baylor University study.
Therapeutic usage of spontaneous hypnotic and dissociative phenomena in the session is discussed.
com to represent his Hypnotic Vehicle Accessories concept to industry over the next 2 years.
In this study, the anxiolytic and hypnotic effects of saffron aqueous extract and its constituents, crocin and safranal, were studied in mice.
This article explores the many ways in which the hypnotic trance state within the context of hypnotherapy, accesses the imaginal abilities of the mind just as reflected in the states of dreaming and active imagination.
The Swedes band take the sweeping dynamics of groups such as Slint and Mogwai, and add a hefty dose of doomladen metal, to create a hypnotic wall of noise that worked the quiet/loud dynamic for all it's worth.
Avoiding pigeon droppings was a skill Wembley punters needed to master as much as winner-finding, and the only way Hypnotic Stag, the 8-13 favourite, could lose the 1993 Blue Riband was by making a total mess of the start.
The research is the first to show that eight of the most commonly used hypnotic drugs were associated with increased hazards of mortality and cancer, including the popularly prescribed medications zolpidem (known by the brand name Ambien) and temazepam (also known as Restoril), Dr.