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These "new walls" are, according to the international theorist Wendy Brown, not a hypostasis of the strength of the state, but of its weakness: "Contemporary walls are icons of the failure of the nation-state sovereignty in late modernity (.
This type of hypostasis--taking shape across the gap rather than imaginatively within it comes closest to supporting Marc Singer's claim (to which I shall return) that comics "have proven effective at embodying the real through hypostasis, the somatization of abstract concepts and desires into human figures" (2008, 275).
Hypostasis is a process without attainable end because self fails to coincide with itself .
The Incarnation, however, is in Jennings's poetry both traditionally theologized and radically innovative: the Word made flesh demonstrates the possibility of a feminist account of subjective identity through a numinous hypostasis, in Kristevan terms, of the symbolic and semiotic.
As will be demonstrated shortly, this final 'inkling of order', which presents as a hypostasis of the 'urgency to communicate', establishes a beachhead for Kristevan theory deep within Frame's novelistic linguistics.
Two quality hypostasis have a decisive role in meeting the customer's demands: conception quality (planning) and concordance quality.
230), with the human hypostasis being seen more clearly through the lens of Christ.
Yet in his eagerness to confirm that Maimonides at all times resists the temptations of hypostasis, Kellner gives every appearance of speciously disengaging the Temple from its Mount:
And in Schulz's prose, the child-narrator tries to create the image of his father, which always slips away from any hypostasis.
Richard Schoenberg has documented the rigours of the basics of becoming a US Navy Seal, beginning with Bud/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal) training, in a photographic expose that captures the hypostasis of a young man's desire to become a US Navy Special Forces team member.
Instead of moving from hierarchical ordering to censure of such systems and back to hypostasis again, 'Downstream II' develops from the particular to the general instance of death and decay, and thence to an ordered vision of '[t]he slow, downstreaming dead' (Selected Poems 1956-1968, p.
Against the Apollinarians and Monphysites he declared that there were two separate natures in Christ, emphasising the human element, replacing the Orthodox concepts of Henosis and Hypostasis that denoted their unity with those of Synapheia (Conjunction) and Prosopic (Physical).