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An assumption or theory.

During a criminal trial, a hypothesis is a theory set forth by either the prosecution or the defense for the purpose of explaining the facts in evidence. It also serves to set up a ground for an inference of guilt or innocence, or a showing of the most probable motive for a criminal offense.


noun assertion, assignment of cause, assumption, conclusion drawn from accepted truths, conjecture, deduction, guess, inference, postulate, postulation, speculation, suggestion, supposal, surmise, tentative explanation, tentative law, theory, thesis, unproved theory
See also: assumption, basis, belief, conclusion, conjecture, deduction, generalization, idea, inference, opinion, postulate, presumption, prolepsis, proposition, speculation, supposition, theory, thesis
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4) the number of tests per hypothesis category (depth of testing); and
The idea was to construct a "metatest" using as input the results of the many individual tests to address the "global" null hypothesis that all individual "local" (e.
Hypothesis H31: the top four audit institutions and the internal control quality have a positive correlation.
This represents a hypothesis that's virtually impossible to disprove.
Tests: Answers should involve flying the kite after changing only the variable that the student identified in the hypothesis as the reason why the kite won't fly.
With a hypothesis, readers should be able to read the article and state clearly if the hypothesis was supported or not supported by study results.
We then formulate a hypothesis that can be "translated" into variables that can be measured.
Another hypothesis, the marginality hypothesis, suggests that institutional discrimination contributes to decreased participation in interpretation.
A hypothesis is just a statement that a scientist thinks might be true.
Hypothesis I: As the amount of oil supply of an African recipient country increases, the China's OFDI flow will increase.
Curry questions this position, and points out that the discussion on the null hypothesis serves to highlight fuzziness surrounding the many hypotheses related to dangerous climate change.