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We hypothesize that the mechanism of virus circulation is related to the social structure of the reservoir: bank voles are territorial and avoid encounters with conspecifics during the breeding season but share nests during winter.
We hypothesize that determination of both male sex and pathology of the progeny by PrOO will initially cause a positive male-biased dose response, which, after having reached a threshold, will be followed by a negative one due to disproportional loss of male-specific conceptuses and sublethal X-linked genes (21).
Feldman hypothesizes that as night breathing problems get worse, weakened elderly people, unlike the otherwise healthy rats, can't rouse themselves when they stop breathing.
This project hypothesizes that these compounds can be used to increase glutathione levels in the lungs, which will decrease the inflammation and provide a novel therapeutic approach to treating various lung diseases.
The report hypothesizes that several schools would have seen greater gains from the Cognitive Tutor program if they were able to provide better computer facilities for their students.
Sharpe of Queen's Medical Research Institute in Edinburgh hypothesizes that unidentified chemicals in sludge caused the diminished testis size and the hormone effects.
He also hypothesizes that a dopamine drought in children who inherit a single copy of the strong COMT variant can also foster psychotic symptoms.
Wang's team hypothesizes that some obese people get more pleasure from eating than people of normal weight do.
Regelson's paper, published in the annals of the New York Academy of Sciences in 1997, specifically hypothesizes the potential of PFCs, of which PHER-O2 is based, to oxygenate plaque-encased regions of the brain may be used to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease.