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It was also hypothesized that the 83% known condition would lead to the highest rate of on-task behavior, given that this ratio fell within Gickling's (Gickling & Thompson, 1985) proposed ratio for drill tasks.
We hypothesized that relationship control and forced sex would primarily be associated with HIV indirectly through their effects on condom use, but that they could also be associated indirectly with HIV infection through other mechanisms, such as higher risk sexual practices (e.
Three versions of a hypothesized structural model were examined, including one for all participants and two models for the minority and nonminority participants.
It was also hypothesized that handheld, highly spiced or sweetened snacks would be successfully consumed by this population for a variety of reasons: (1) residents' self-feeding leads to their increased awareness of food; (2) snacks based on residents' preferences (e.
But in 1661, English scientist Robert Boyle hypothesized that tiny moving particles could more accurately explain chemical reactions than the "four elements" theory.
The present study examined a hypothesized model between the amount of information given to families of stroke victims and their ability to cope with the situation after discharge from the hospital.
To analyze the nature of "engagement," researchers first hypothesized measures of engagement to be cognitive, emotional, and behavioral.
Segal-Caspi and colleagues hypothesized that outside observers would perceive attractive women as more likely to have socially desirable personality traits than less attractive women.
2003), it is thus hypothesized that the four dimensions of cultural orientation will affect student satisfaction with collaborative learning.
Some scientists have hypothesized that these people have an abnormal internal clock somewhere in their brains that tells them to eat at the wrong time.
Researchers with the Massachusetts and New York studies hypothesized that the silicofluoride compounds in tap water might enhance lead leaching from pipes and increase lead absorption from the water itself.
It was hypothesized that the flame-resistance of all fabric samples would steadily decrease throughout the entire process of washings.