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However, Jack Feldman of the University of California, Los Angeles and his colleagues hypothesize in an upcoming Nature Neuroscience that the heart shutdown is actually the result of a condition known as central sleep apnea.
Some scientists hypothesize that more pregnancies correspond to fewer lifetime ovulations, less wear and tear on the ovaries, and hence a lower cancer risk.
The article hypothesizes that the dental X-rays hitting the thyroid glands of pregnant women affect birth outcomes.
Ophir hypothesizes that by choosing the loser of a confrontation, a female reduces her risk of injury.
O'Donnell hypothesizes that biting may turn out to be a way that social insects manage their colonies.
This could be attributable to ALDH-2 deficiency in Asians, Salaspuro hypothesizes.
In mammals, carotenoids play important roles in the immune system, and Saino hypothesizes that bird immune systems also involve carotenoids.