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This week we have 40 fantastic Intempo iDABs to be won.
iBiquity Digital, with its iDAB broadcasting technology, is a major force in the revolution of in-vehicle entertainment and information services," said Tatuo Ito, Department General Manager, Research & Development Department, Fujitsu Ten.
It's AM and FM digital broadcast technology, iDAB, will transform the terrestrial radio industry from being providers of audio-only analog to being providers of high quality digital audio and data services.
The fact that Harris and 15 of the United States' largest radio broadcasters have invested their own money in USA Digital Radio sends a clear message that the radio industry strongly believes in our iDAB technology.
USA Digital Radio is developing an in-band on-channel digital audio broadcast technology, called iDAB, that uses the current radio spectrum to transmit existing AM and FM analog simultaneously with new high-quality digital signals.