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Less sugar in the base allows a coarser, icier texture.
A key earlier work, Memento Mori, 2002, which was made for "Grey Gardens," a summer exhibition at Michael Kohn Gallery that year, set up many of Hill's principal engagements--reflection, translucency, transparency, and the various planes of the actual and apparent--in an icier manner.
Back home in New Zealand, relations turn even icier.
Greenland, farther away from the stream, is actually icier than Iceland
He's nicely matched with Williams, an icier presence who cannot help but melt when he smiles.
Yeats by contrast woke to an icier air, renouncing 'that extravagant style / He had learnt from Pater', outgrowing Beerbohm's cartoon of him taking tea with the Queen of the Fairies.
At the same time, however, Wiebe's hesitancy about judging blocked an even icier interpretation of his own material.
The snow in Utah is dry and powdery, unlike the snow of Europe, which tends to be wetter and icier.
The results are somewhat unexpected because comets, the icier cousins of asteroids, are known typically to sprout jets and plumes, while objects in the asteroid belt are not.
The icier temperatures may have spurred the migration and evolution of some penguin species, the researchers suggest.
The ascent of Beinn Eunaich started with more deep, soft snow but gradually it turned icier and more solid and we had to kick steps to get footholds at times.