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It's taken more than 70 years, several failed attempts and a series of globe–trotting treks to the iciest corners of the world before Disney finally managed to capture the magic of this classic fairy tale.
The iciest days, I hid among the weeds of our Lydig yard, waiting till the cops came and went, till my sister whispered my name from the deck.
Many more women remember having to wear skirts or dresses to school, even on the iciest days.
7 billion people on a fragile planet, and the majority of the dead, numberless and stretching back over an expanse vaster than the iciest steppe.
January saw Britain's iciest weather in 30 years, forcing many shops and businesses to close and making it hard for shoppers to travel.
The new season promises a refreshing splash of the iciest pastels, which will have you lusting after an Italian gelato.
The slick roads prompted periodic closures as officers across the county tried to keep drivers off the iciest streets.
but for British explorer Tom Avery, who's built his career on trekking through some of the iciest landscapes on earth, it never ends
75 WHERE TO FIND Your CA AZ, CA, HI, kitchen NV, UT, WA TASTING NOTES Tart, Nice balance Creamiest slightly of sweet and mouth-feel, sweet, and tangy, but but odd very the iciest aftertaste.
What a disappointment then to see Freyer turn act one of this emotionally charged story into a frigid display of the iciest minimalism.
After all, peace between Egypt and Israel has to be the iciest in history.