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Poyser had had her eyes fixed on her husband with cold severity during his silence, but now she turned away her head with a toss, looked icily at the opposite roof of the cow-shed, and spearing her knitting together with the loose pin, held it firmly between her clasped hands.
Swift, stylish, tough-minded and sharp-tongued, this engaging fact-based drama, about a woman who ran the richest poker game in the world, is worth recommending if only to see Jessica Chastain at the top of her nerviest, most icily self-controlled game.
Mr Barnier, who has made clear that he is not prepared to start talks on a trade deal until there has been sufficient progress on the financial settlement, retorted icily he could not hear any whistling, "just the clock ticking".
To which Fran icily replies: "You weren't the best mother in the house.
Even as the net was closing on him, Leathem remained icily calm.
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno cut President Duterte down to size and put him in his place when she responded icily to his public statements derogating the judiciary.
At times she was icily merciless, pointing out Labour had for years questioned what the Conservative Party had done for women.
Victoria Hamilton is icily imperious as his deputy, Jonathan Aris lovably awkward as her technical boffin husband, and the great Brian Cox as the daddy" of them all.
It's a first person narrative told from Sphynx's point of view and Anjelais is very good at conveying her narrator's complex emotions, especially in the last third of the book when Cadence is icily and ruthlessly demanding an almost (but not quite) impossible sacrifice from her.
Icily composed, the Australian prodigy blasted 37 aces in a truly astounding serving performance.
Instead of normal exchange of pleasantries, Beyonce instead opted to just ask icily how baby North West was doing and the exchange was over.