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In order for any Sibelius performance to reach a level of excellence, it must display equal measures of boreal iciness and dreamy northern vistas.
The Downward Spiral has a brutality and an iciness that is a way to prevent you from getting inside.
While listening back into time, she recalls her soul dying on the pure smooth iciness of the ponds around which the two used to walk.
Its natural ability to stabilize and to control water results in frozen desserts that are free of shrinkage and iciness.
Although an iced lolly is also a coolant, ice cream is preferred because the lolly's hard iciness can cause discomfort to consumers with sensitive teeth.
Much of the movie takes place in the polar north, and the iciness of the setting is a perfect metaphor for the chilly, sterile spirit at the heart of the story.
Eventually, the lively and feisty Heidi breaks down his iciness and their life takes on a pleasant, idyllic quality, until Heidi is summoned by her aunt to the city to become a companion for a wheelchair-bound girl.
There's an all-year-round appeal to Trentino, which basks in the Mediterranean heat during the summer months and is inviting in its iciness in the winter, with skiers and lovers of winter sports finding it the perfect playground.
But,ironically,given the iciness of current diplomatic relations between London and Paris, the industry is also seeking to woo more of the French over here.