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Let us now examine the evidence for this "Sasanian iconoclasm," which Boyce claims to be "fairly abundant, from diverse sources.
By the early modern period, however, iconoclasm in Japan was directed towards the Buddhist tradition as a whole, often in an attempt to eradicate it.
Some fail as instances of the trait of iconoclasm he is referencing and on a few occasions these cases fail his own definition of iconoclasm, which of course includes social intelligence.
Thus, when Pomare's son, Pomare II, initiated a Tahitian iconoclasm in 1815, ordering the destruction of all marae and god-images, accounts of the event would have been of chiefly concern and debate in Hawaii.
Chapter 6 begins by considering ninth-century Byzantine iconoclasm both as a phenomenon in its own fight and as it was received by the Franks via the letter of Michael II to Louis the Pious in 824.
In historical terms, the controversy lasted 726-843, launched by emperors Leo III and son Constantine V, countered by John of Damascus' eloquent defence of iconodulia and the 731 Roman synods of Pope Gregory III, halted by the Second Nicene Council (787) and the empress Irene (797), renewed by Leo V and Theophilus, at whose death Iconoclasm was finally quashed.
Harold Rosenberg observed that a good many Abstract Expressionists were Jewish and argued that their manner of abstraction involves a specifically Jewish sense of dynamic revelation, as well as a Jewish iconoclasm.
Rushdie's literary iconoclasm derives not merely from the demands of his subject matter but from a deep personal instinct: his hatred of all orthodoxies, especially religious ones.
Recontextualizing the radical judgment found in Malcolm X's rhetoric according to three disparate theoretical approaches, Malcolm X: Inventing Radical Judgment strives to reveal a better understanding of one man's speechmaking power that was so great its iconoclasm transcends the limits of individual contemporarty definitions.
Thoughtful and thought provoking, Dowbenko's commentaries are rife with a humorous intelligence and attention-gripping iconoclasm that makes Hoodwinked "must" reading for students and critics of American cinema.
This book will, in part," West explains at the outset, "explore the rich insights and expressions of that deep democratic tradition, from the radical iconoclasm of Socrates, to the tragically schizophrenic visions of the American Founding Fathers, to the exuberant and brilliant indictments laid down by hip-hop.