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The repeated drenchings in the icy water had likewise had their effect on him.
Great masses of ice frequently fall from these icy cliffs, and the crash reverberates like the broadside of a man-of-war through the lonely channels.
The case of the sailor's body perfectly preserved in the icy soil of the South Shetland Islands (lat.
Lastly, some missionaries attempting to penetrate a long arm of the sea, would behold the not lofty surrounding mountains, sending down their many grand icy streams to the sea-coast, and their progress in the boats would be checked by the innumerable floating icebergs, some small and some great; and this would have occurred on our twenty- second of June, and where the Lake of Geneva is now spread out
There stood poor Gerda now, without shoes or gloves, in the very middle of dreadful icy Finland.
Thus is a star projected into desert space, and into the icy breath of aloneness.
This breeze, which has travelled from the regions towards which I am advancing, gives me a foretaste of those icy climes.
The high seas of Mars may never have existed, the study that looked at two opposite climate scenarios of early Mars has found and suggests that a cold and icy planet billions of years ago better explains water drainage and erosion features seen on the planet today.
Wysocki said local businesses offsite in the town of Hoonah have been largely supportive of Icy Strait Point and tourists have expressed interest in visiting the town since the very beginning.
There are probably many more icy plutons still waiting to found.
Scientists have calculated the mass UB313 is bigger than icy Pluto.
D) Pluto is made from the icy material left over from when the other planets formed.