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The five panelists who spoke on ' Idealism vs Reality' at the Youth Forum of the India Today Conclave 2010 are icons from the fields of commerce, politics, films, sports and economics.
Yet the rhetoric of idealism has not quite disappeared.
Similarly, 67% of nonwhites, compared with 55% of whites, sense a new spirit of idealism in the United States brought about by the Obama administration.
The horrors of war infused a healthy dose of realism to temper his liberal idealism.
In this, the Cogswell campaign is every venture in political idealism.
Liberal theologians were routinely denigrated for holding on to the secular mentality, sterile intellectualism, bourgeois reformism, and pale idealism.
Unlike Charlotte, who loses her values and her idealism, Lee has neither values nor idealism to lose.
Yet at the heart of it all lays a little if not a lot of idealism.
The passion and idealism of this boy has been turned to fundamentalism.
Our object is not to draw up battle lines between financial pragmatism and some pious form of other-worldly idealism, but to search for viable pathways towards global justice,' said Samuel Kobia, the General Secretary of the WCC, welcoming James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, Agustin Carstens, Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, and WCC President Agnes Abuom.
Idealism pertains to the degree of a person's concern for the commonweal--public welfare (avoidance of harming others); that is, his or her judgment of a given action is predicated on the outcome--a positive or adverse impact on others (Tansey et al.
We have used up our credulity about enforcement, idealism, soul-searching, and most of the other bromides that go with reform.