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While many a book approaches this similar topic with more of an idealistic viewpoint, the goal of Pat LaDoucer, a licensed psychotherapist, is to explore how dreams translate into goals and then reality, and she offers specific tools that can be used to foster such changes.
But maybe this is a time when radical and idealistic measures are needed to save us from total predictability.
No idealistic coverages here: Paul Gipe's Wind Power covers all the basics, from buying a wind system and handling common problems to safety and maintenance issues.
He was always challenging, witty, kind (though never soft on laziness, either mental or physical), full of enthusiasm, thoughtful, enquiring and idealistic.
Though well intentioned, Thomas' solutions to resolving conflicts are awfully simplistic and idealistic.
Vladimir Lebedev's charming abecedarium teaches playful, idealistic citizenship.
While articulate and idealistic, The New Capitalists reads more like a position paper than the result of observation.
I could not ignore obvious social injustices and I could not support a war with dubious objectives, which was why I was naturally attracted to the rapidly growing idealistic hippie movement.
Last August, in celebration of its idealistic history, the NDG was inducted into the National Museum of Dance Hall of Fame.
Even if the population of Earth interbred to create a homogenous culture, even if all nations adopted laissez-faire economic systems, promoted liberty, and were allowed to retain their right to secede, in such an idealistic utopia where mankind has mastered the art of self-government, one is left to question whether there would be any need for representative government at all.
In his first book, Death at an Early Age, Kozol presented himself as a nonpolitical, idealistic young man shocked by a glaring injustice.
The images have been organized along continuums of idealistic, incomplete, and silenced images to discuss implications for programs.