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Caption: A "toy model" used to generate idealized supercell thunderstorms.
Two-dimensional plane strain finite element analyses were carried out in order to obtain the computational stress intensity factor solutions for the pre-existing cracks between the upper and lower sheets near the roots of the continuous welds with idealized and realistic weld geometries.
The media is saturated with images of idealized body shapes, which may make viewers and readers aspire to achieve the same, but it is a losing battle.
In this instance, it is not the Guadalquivir which is idealized but rather the Manzanares.
of Pennsylvania) is a leading thinker behind the concept of idealized design, defined as thinking backwards from an imagined ideal outcome.
GE] in the idealized genetic gain formula, it is that the interaction of environment and genotype may be similar at two sites when the influence of the environment on the genotypes for each of the two selections sites are similar.
He acknowledges the Follies as an idealized mirror of the aging body for the busloads of white-haired audience members.
Central Park was designed in the 1850s as rus in urbe, an idealized landscape intended to promote social values, and it has become holy ground for joggers and tree-huggers, dog owners and nature-deprived kids on field trips.
Furthermore, Larsen challenges the idealized discourse of marriage and maternity, another feature of the sentimental novel.
The film breaks down idealized visions of family and religion, for in this house, they offer not consolation but despair.
We've long celebrated the "simplicity" of the Amish, idealized their way of life as an archetype of uniquely American goodness.
The four teams talked of their idealized plans that were not meant to the end results and will be worked into a master plan in stages that will include the community and the city's input.