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The researchers found that in many cases, boys who took part in the study were staunchly critical of idealized male images.
In other words, he depreciates his wife - aptly named "Lil" - since she falls far short of his infantile desire for an idealized mother figure who gratifies his needs and removes the pains and frustrations he feels from his oppression.
True to Romantic tradition, the first act depicts the real world, albeit idealized, and then takes wing into the supernatural of the second act.
Rather, their primary aim has been to sketch out a vision of an idealized humanity.
By laundering his own identity through the idealized "reformer," Hart appears to glomb onto the pantheon of reformers he extols in these pages: Jefferson, Kennedy, Gorbachev, Havel.
While Wallace posits his works as material incarnations of thought, physically elaborating both the idealized space of abstraction and the more straightforwardly representational space of photography through his use of montage, this exhibition also teasingly evoked a bildungsroman.
Laroon's influential and highly collectable prints presented idealized figures in stylized costumes and Amigoni's collections featured the faces of children; but neither of these ensembles offered realistic views of the street sellers of London.
Amy Adams, as an idealized and idealistic nurse who inexplicably believes in Grant (and who, naturally, moonlights as a babe), transforms her silly role into something surprisingly palatable.
While Celia's problems, and how they affect others in her life, are clearly presented, the approach here is uncomplicated and linear: girl is used by young man, girl keeps her pregnancy a secret, girl is shunned by father when secret is discovered, girl is restored to family through the intercession of an understanding counselor who also gets girl into an idealized program for pregnant high school students.
In "Hellenizing Geography: Travellers in Classical Lands," Olga Augustinos contrasts the conception of Greek space that humanists had derived from the texts of Pausanias, Pliny, Ptolemy, and others, with the descriptive accounts of Renaissance travelers--one produced an idealized vision of Greek culture, the other the portrayal of a nation lying in ruin under Ottoman rule.
Its utopian ethos is palpable at every turning but, even in this idealized community, the realities of growing enrolment and the need to modernize have to be addressed.
Werner Soilors has cautioned that such sustained privileging of "ethnicity" (over, say, "assimilation") can lead to "an isolationist, group-by-group approach that emphasizes 'authenticity' and cultural heritage within the individual, somewhat idealized group" (xiv).