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Taylor is considered the idealizer of scientific management; developing the School of Scientific Management, preoccupied in increasing the efficiency of the industry by means of rationalizing laborers' work.
9) Roth, an inveterate idealizer of the meaning of America but also a dogged critic of such idealization, seems to fit this psychological type, Gottlieb's "push and pull" of opposites correlating loosely with the "anti-myth[s]" of counterlives so many of his characters construct.
Thus, Judaism is not in the end a free church, any more than Christianity is, and to read it as such will produce the response that I have often heard that Yoder is a romantic idealizer, but a Jew (this Jew) can hope to learn from the free church tradition in constituting a radical dissenting position as antizionist, calling it the best that Jewish history and tradition have to offer us, not mistaking that with the dominant or historically essential truth.
All these remains testify to a level of civilization far beyond the old picture, painted by Indian idealizer and demonizer alike, of Indians as primitive hunters and gatherers indistinguishable from their natural environments.
Vatter, its idealizer, the capital invested represents a financial or legal constraint on the use of the assets, i.