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The Innovative App Challenge focuses on ideating concepts for mobile apps, and encourages students to learn about app development.
THE SECOND of the five of our fifth anniversary specials is a celebration of the stellar contributions of the Capital's ideating class to the nation's intellectual wealth and the public policy debates that shape our collective destiny.
It is great to have a capital partner that truly understands the nuances of the payments industry and is actively involved in ideating ways to accelerate our sales growth.
Pragmatic tools and techniques such as personas, ideating with examples, story mapping, customer journeys, and other Lean UX tools
Whether ideating around new product development, working on a packaging redesign or getting smart quickly about the latest in sustainable packaging, the Global Packaging Advisory Service is an efficient, cost-effective way for companies from all industries to generate insights and business ideas.
Ideating around these changes can mean the difference between a marketing campaign that flops and one that has real impact.