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Identical twin sisters Elizabeth and Eleanor (not their real names) say that when they entered the world on November 19, 1939--Elizabeth first, then Eleanor 8 minutes later--their mother was rather shocked.
WEE smasher Sophie Frith won first prize in a Baby of the Year contest - while her identical twin Olivia was knocked out in the first round.
But this first feature by the identical twin Polish brothers - Mark writes, Michael directs and co-writes, both act - turns into a sweet, quirky little love story with what can only be described as an intriguing twist.
Like regular identical twins, they form when a newly fertilized egg, or zygote, splits inside a woman's womb (see diagram, p.
Yet it is not 100 percent the case that ASD affects both identical twins in a twin pair.
THERE have been 10 criminal cases in the US in recent years in which DNA evidence was unusable because of the identical twin issue.
A new study suggests that as identical twins go through life, environmental influences differently affect which genes are turned on and which are switched off.
They're not joined at the hip like the fictional Falls brothers, but they are identical twins.
Last week, the Record told how Somerset woman Mary Carter, 26, gave birth to her second set of identical twins.
Identical twins share the same genes so that any differences in serum proteins would be due to environmental factors, principally those related to the disease itself.
In keeping with previous findings, Zietsch and Santtila found that same-sex identical twins had more orgasmic similarity than same-sex non-identical twins and siblings, showing that genes do play a role in orgasmic function and apparently providing some evidence that the by-product scenario might be correct.
A IDENTICAL twins and triplets do have the same DNA "fingerprints", but not the same markings on their actual fingers.