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The Mazda2 comes almost identically kittedout, but powered by a 1.
Ruby and Pearl Day, 18, challenged travellers to a live spot the difference as they dressed identically, moved in complete unison and created a mirror-image of one another.
Authorized generics are generic pharmaceuticals manufactured identically to the brand product and sold under a private label.
The HDP600 CR100 prints on both sides of a card; it can print identically on both sides so that the proper side is always up, or users can print different information on each side.
Though dressed identically in loose trousers and T-shirts, Guillem and Khan are opposites.
There is something creepy about twins who dress identically, especially in this case.
SUDOKU TRIPLET: The numbers in the set of 3x3 boxes shared by the three grids are filled in identically.
A film of a window curtain slightly fluttering in a breeze was projected on an identically sized curtain that covered a closed wall of the exhibition room.
Linking Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina with East Coast North America, our stand-alone fleet of identically designed Cap San-series containerships (3,800 TEU), launched in 2001, provides customers with the size and the speed to achieve outstanding schedule integrity.
The development of an identically sized device enables JVC to standardize production equipment and manufacturing processes to achieve high quality and reliability, as well as cost savings due to enhanced production efficiency.
95), which promotes code which can behave identically on all machines and platforms.
The new presses are also "global" machines in that they will be built identically in the U.