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The title, Identically Different, mainly refers to Spector's studies and numerous examples involving identical twins.
Most states make some accommodation in order to tax the dividends flowing in foreign and domestic commerce identically.
On the DPU, a kernel function runs identically on every lane processing different data.
The Mazda2 comes almost identically kittedout, but powered by a 1.
The panels are often framed identically, and a bureaucratic palette of black and red ink on white, buff, or green paper maintains throughout.
There are five characters in the "script," but Bourne ingeniously cast and dressed identically three dancers for each main role.
317 mph in the identically prepared Toyota Celicas driven by all racers.
In contrast, the identically rated commercial paper of Walt Disney Co.
This is because they base their results on the price of an identically sized house in each country.
According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, a particle and its antiparticle should accelerate identically in a given gravitational field, an idea enshrined in the so-called equivalence principle.
The nanosilicon photovoltaic solar cells are created through a unique electrochemical and ultrasound process that produces identically sized (1 to 4 nanometers in diameter) highly luminescent nanoparticles of silicon that provide varying wavelengths of photoluminescence with high quantum down conversion efficiency of short wavelengths (50% to 60%).
The nude woman appears in different guises--wearing a mask, with a bird on her head--and may be repeated identically, like a doubled letter in a word, or mirrored, like a palindrome.