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And when we change the flag to something that's identifiably Australian, it's not going to fall apart either.
And to witness the end of an era, with one half of the last identifiably realistic couple on British soap bring the curtain down on 30-odd years of classic bubble perms and rammies down t'Rovers.
So, nostalgic, fictional and identifiably Welsh - who can it be?
Very few identifiably conservative groups have ever emerged in Hollywood.
Images of identifiably gay men are scarce; lesbian and transgendered subjects, nonexistent.
Mosques, shops and other identifiably Asian buildings were also attacked by racists.
the] Virgin") be somehow identifiably and significantly present not only in the text but in the music of its dedication motet.
One thing Slovo admits was a mistake was not making Carlo, the gay Italian soldier played by Piero Maggio, identifiably, well, gay.
Ozon takes identifiably human behavior and pushes it to the brink, forcing us to question at what point a usually transient period of denial curdles into madness.
However, through judicious massing and selection of materials, Predock's building succeeds in distilling Stanford's essence into an identifiably contemporary form.
Vincent, Thomas's native homeland, and in all there is a keen sense of place, a fine delineation of character, and authentic representation of social behavior, as well as an unmatched verisimilitudinous capturing of speech and language: tags, oaths, responses, and street language are identifiably those of St.
Many African American artists denied themselves pride in all that was identifiably African, corseted the natural self with stays, reined in passion, and dedicated themselves to the pursuit of superficial whiteness in return for rarely attainable acceptance.

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