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I have constantly said this about her, Susan Faludi, or Gloria Steinem: that these women are not identifiably anything.
To extend the aspirin analogy, are we dealing with two separate, identifiably different products, or are the certified and non-certified agencies attempting to perform the same function?
And when we change the flag to something that's identifiably Australian, it's not going to fall apart either.
I suppose you could describe me as the most identifiably married man.
FDA approval last year of BiDil (NitroMed's heart failure treatment for African Americans) demonstrates that the role of genetic variation mandates research in all identifiably distinct "racial groups" in order to ethically and practically determine which groups will most benefit from all drugs.
Thus the Shell Oil logo has evolved over time, but is still identifiably the same.
It is important that the party becomes more identifiably Welsh.
Images of identifiably gay men are scarce; lesbian and transgendered subjects, nonexistent.
Mosques, shops and other identifiably Asian buildings were also attacked by racists.
the] Virgin") be somehow identifiably and significantly present not only in the text but in the music of its dedication motet.
One thing Slovo admits was a mistake was not making Carlo, the gay Italian soldier played by Piero Maggio, identifiably, well, gay.

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