identification mark

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It provides a suitably austere identification mark for the renovated castle and its new role in civic life.
One notable feature of the counterfeit bills is that they lack both the water mark and the rugged features on the identification mark, according to Saitama police.
Each local authority was issued with an identification mark of one or two letters, to which numbers (up to 999) were to be added in sequence.
It is interesting that the Hungarian Constitutional Court, in 1991, ruled that "a general and uniform personal identification mark for unrestricted use is unconstitutional.
If items marked by the liquid are stolen and recovered by police, their rightful owners can be quickly traced as the identification mark shows up under ultra violet light.
A police spokeswoman said: "Our crime prevention advice is that property should always be marked with an identification mark such as your postcode.
WMC Mortgage is the new name for the company, which also unveiled its new corporate identification mark Thursday.
Special Note,- 1 Manufacture Should Emboss The Make/ Identification Mark With Material Property Grade On The Top Of Face Of Bolt Head.
Tenderer Should Indicate Brand Name/Their Identification Mark, Of Their Offered Bolt In The Quotation.

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