identity verification

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This launch demonstrates the flexibility of greenID to support online identity verification for multinational projects while maintaining compliance at a local level.
Consequently, Veda s suite of electronic identity verification products have been formulated for the development of digital channels which have changed, and continue to change, the way businesses operate in New Zealand.
Nigel Spencer, Chief of Commercial Affairs at the Law Society, said: "Experian and 192business have worked closely with the Law Society to ensure that its identity verification services are tailored to the specific needs of the legal sector.
The Edentiti identity verification product is also provided through Deloitte Digital under the brand name greenID[TM], addressing Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) legislation.
The high volume capacity is enabled by Microsoft SQL Server 2012, a key architecture component of VoiceVault voice biometric identity verification solutions.
greenID is the leading global end-to-end identity verification solution integrating biometric verification/authentication options, mobile onboarding tools and enabling organisations to meet statutory obligations including Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.
troops, ensuring only the appropriate personnel gain access to classified areas, and for other access control and identity verification needs.
We recently announced major new deployments of our identity verification systems and we're gearing up to introduce groundbreaking new products in both our Identity Solutions and Communications businesses.
By using CallID APCS has access to a powerful customer identity verification tool which can help to prevent fraud, and is designed to meet the requirements of organisations who need to verify customer details but do not want to carry out full anti-money laundering identity verification checks.
Patient Identity Verification Solutions use multiple trusted and verified data sources containing billions of public records to return an identity validation in sub-second time while maintaining the highest level of patient privacy.
com), a technology innovation company that applies optics to transform identity verification and wireless communications, today announced results from the first twelve months of deployment of its identity verification systems in the State of Qatar.
Notably absent from the published CSIE list is credit bureau Experian (EXPGF), which has been called to testify before Congress on the problems afflicting the identity verification portions of the Obamacare website.