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Virajul politic, nu neaparat ideologic al neoconservatorilor catre Partidul Republican a avut loc in perioada efervescentei social-culturale care a animat societatea americana in anii '60-70.
Biserica Catolica raspundea astfel dinamicii fenomenului ideologic si politic de la sfarsitul secolului al XX-lea.
Moreover, it is difficult, from an ideologic perspective, to understand "people's government" (in terms of national sovereignty) and "assets administration" (see Hypothesis 2).
The investigation of these monstrous deeds caused an ideologic crisis in the Soviet Union that is only in its early stages.
But it's the policy, the ideologic question, that we want to focus on, because we think the bill that they're going to send goes in an entirely different direction.
Such social re-engineering leads to, or may even be caused by, changes in a society's ideologic underpinnings.
In postcolonial nation-building, processes of grappling with independence have often been thought to unite Africans in a common ideologic (and physical) struggle.
In searching for a new President, PLY GEM's Board of Directors focused on candidates with proven industry experience and an ideologic commitment to a balanced approach to growth: generating quality revenues by capitalizing on PLY GEM's strengths as a marketing-driven and customer-focused Company and increasing the bottom line performance through the profit improvement action plans currently underway.
Their arguments supported the dominant ideologic al paradigm of the individual and his (but not her) natural rights.
Several of Dubinski's closest personal and ideologic friends in the New York labor movement opposed him in his efforts to keep the American Labor Party from becoming just another tool in the hands of the Comintem (Communist International).
In his concurrence to Abood, Powell emphasizes that speech must be both political or ideologic and not germane to the organization's purpose to be forbidden by mandatory fee doctrine: "In order t vindicate his First Amendment rights in a union shop, the individual employee apparently must .
I think that the field of bioethics started with the word bioethics because the word is so suggestive and so powerful; it suggests a new focus, a new bringing together of disciplines in a new way with a new forum that tended to neutralize the ideologic slant that people associated with the word ethics.