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Recientemente Benet Oliva ha aportado datos relevantes en <<Conflicte ideologic i control de la Universitat.
4) Joseph Ratzinger, "Naturrecht, Evangelium, und Ideologic in der katholischen Soziallehre: Katholische Erwagungen zum Thema," in Christlicher Glaube und Ideologic, ed.
Many prestigious and authoritative groups and individuals with no ideologic agenda have evaluated potential DDT harms over the last 70 years, and have consistently found no evidence of DDT harm that would cancel out the enormous health benefits of its use in malaria-endemic countries.
Como lo comento en el prefacio a su compilacion sobre los antecedentes tempranos de la antropologia norteamericana: "pretendo que [la antropologia] sea la unica afiliacion etnica, religiosa e ideologica que tengo" [/ pretend that it is my only ethnic, religious and ideologic affiliation"].
Positioned within Lewis' ideologic system, the significant relations sketched above reinscribe the scene of Lewis' most virulent anti-Catholic production, The Monk.
The notion of role conflict may well serve as a mask for far more pervasive and deep-seated ideologic concerns emanating from a growing focus on best practice and practice standards.
E mult mai important si util sa ne adresam celor care sint bombardati de un conflict mai degraba ideologic decit religios si nu mai stiu ce sa creada cu adevarat.
L'annonce de Houellebecq, af-firme Lantelme, participerait d'un "desenchantement romanesque contemporain sous-tendu par une ideologic de la fin" (35).
They are both immediately and definitely informed by Sitz im Leben [embeddedness in life] rather than any particular Sitz in der Ideologic [embeddedness in ideology].
Hurtgen, a partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLC, a firm whose labor-law practice represents management, talk of freedom of speech and property rights reeks of "old-style rhetoric and ideologic views that don't translate to what we're talking about here.
Unfortunately, his letter contains a mixture of wrong facts and ideologic statements that have nothing to do with the test itself.
In some cases, when that vision is confused with ideologic dogmatism, it can invite abandonment of the vision entirely or in selected situations.