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The definition of Russian nationalism, Russians identity and their past is interconnected in the discourse of Kremlin ideologists and serve the needs of country elite.
In its initial state, the economic policy of the peasant ideologists was based on giving up the liberal economic nationalism, and opening the gates for foreign capital; later, after the first governing, faced with economic realities, they would promote protectionist policies.
Henceforth, there is no doubt that another front is opening for Crvenkovski aside the one with Gruevski and the VMRO-DPMNE: the front with the old staff of the SDSM led by one of the former ideologists of the party Gjorgji Spasov.
I can guess that if ideologists of the Kremlin would come to Lithuania after this law's adoption, the Lithuanian law and order system would take care that they would not humiliate the Lithuanian nation," said Vilija Aleknaite-Abramikiene, the ruling Homeland Union--Lithuanian Christian Democrats MP who initiated this law.
1) Marxist-Leninist orientation of this new political stage of the country, as evidenced by public statements from Chavez, important government spokesmen, and ideologists of the Bolivarian Revolution.
This left the case to be hijacked by the so called "Conflict Resolution" studies and implementation ideologists, which complicated more than it is needed, as there are interest groups who does not want this problem solved once and for all.
but of course, when the lives of individuals and communities are controlled by powers that themselves remain uncontrolled--slavers, czars, fuhrers, first secretaries, marshals, generals and generalissimos, ideologists of dictatorships at either end of the spectrum--then creative energy becomes a protest.
Baeumler was not alone among Nazi ideologists in drawing on Nietzsche--the philosopher Martin Heidegger shared his view for a time--but some sharply criticized the practice.
The pre-Socratic thinkers, Plato and modern ideologists are monists.
The direction of the Chinese Communist Party may seem opaque to us outsiders, but to the party's ideologists, it's simplicity itself.
New Labour ideologists are out to destroy what remained of economically viable rural life at the end of the Industrial Revolution and the mass migration of workers to towns.