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As more critics--demographers, epidemiologists, toxicologists, climatologists, economists, and, yes, statisticians-- point ever more insistently at the yawning gap between the doomsayers' claims and scientific and economic reality, the ideologues are becoming ever more frantic to deny the growing contradictions.
Comforted and dazzled an apparent Christian ideologue who sounded and functioned soothingly like a political operative, GOP politicians also embraced Reed as the perfect messenger for the movement -- one who would help keep the ideologues from getting out of hand.
Now, excluding few exceptions, it's nothing if not a home for ideologues.
We are getting sick of that left-wing ideologue O'Connor and his hate of Republicans.
This does seem to be Marx the ideologue, formulating the ideology of struggle which will create an ideal new world of justice.
Ever since the recall of Gray Davis made the ballot in 2003, Angelides has positioned himself as his party's staunchest ideologue and fiercest obstructionist.
But with the December 1993 opening of the MGM Grand Hotel, Casino and Theme Park -- the largest hotel in the world, Kerkorian broke with past practice and installed a renowned anti-Union ideologue in the role of President.
For example, the author has studied the emergence of the Frente Negra Brasiliera, an ephemeral paulista organization led by an authoritarian, anti-Communist, anti-Semitic ideologue in the 1930s, and claimed it superseded the color divisions within the paulista Afro-Brazilian community and (without documentation) that it left a legacy significant in Brazilian history, particularly the Black Consciousness movement of the 1970s.
You don't have to be a left-wing ideologue yourself to decide to pay them protection money, which is just what many coca farmers and cocaine producers do.
In appraising its acknowledged masters, architectural history is usually content with a single version: Wright the troubled genius, Le Corbusier the painter in planner's clothing, Gropius the ideologue who lacked an artist's chops.
Among those who relinquished charge soon after the change of government was Kedarnath Sahni, a strong BJP ideologue, who was the governor of Sikkim and Goa.
28 ( ANI ): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue Virag Pachpor on Monday termed National Conference (NC) chief, Farooq Abdullah's comments as objectionable, and said sedition charges must be filed against the latter.