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While the African steps appear to soften the nationalist ideology with the metaphoric representation of a broader African past, such a past legitimates the state and generates the state's need for ".
Both in German Ideology (1845), where he criticized post-Hegelian philosophies and in critical subsequent writings, he warned against ideological illusions disconnected from real life, but representing a feared tool of bourgeois power: these illusions form a "false consciousness" that keeps enslaved the working class.
Put ideology and extremism together and you get a lack of consideration for others' thoughts and ideas and, more dangerously, violence.
The central claim of the author is that knowledge, ideology and discourse are social processes that are inextricably linked.
BJP president Rajnath Singh has, however, put to rest any speculation about its ideology asserting that the general elections were not held as a referendum for BJP's ideology.
64) referred to this type of masculinity ideology as "hegemonic masculinity" to underscore its role in the dominance of white heterosexual men over women and racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities.
Erikson saw identity and ideology as two sides of the same coin -- take away a person's identity, and he or she will set about its recreation," says Dr.
No matter in which form the ideology is expressed, the movement's ultimate goal is to alter racial thinking in this country, to promote color blind worldviews, and to ultimately achieve social justice by diluting white power and privilege.
As for so-called creationism, it is also, like evolutionism, an ideology based on many occasions on an erroneous theology, that is, on a literal interpretation of the passages of the Bible.
Scholars have recently delineated how, in the midst of Japan's expansionist imperialism, Zen exhibited that flexibility in "adapting itself" and becoming "wedded" to the reigning imperial ideology.
Mr Javid's comments follow a call from David Cameron for British Muslims to do more to tackle those in their communities who "quietly condone" IS's extremist ideology.
Specifically, capitalism as an effective wealth-creating system has been corrupted and exchanged for a capitalist ideology that caters for profit-making only.