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In translating idioms, which do not have the equivalent (or partly equivalent) idiomatic expressions in the TL, the arising problem refers not only to the way of conveying their proper meaning using the words of the target language, but is related to the loss of the metaphoric meaning of the translation idiom in the TL.
Western and Russian linguists became interested in the problem of idiomatic expressions and idiomaticity only in the second half of the 20th century.
Students used some of the language patterns and idiomatic expressions which were addressed in the lesson as they practised potentially difficult social situations.
The applicable idiomatic expression is that when it comes to actual rights, they appear to be deaf as a post.
After analysing errors due to the misuse of bilingual dictionaries during a translation test, Nuccorini (1994: 595) concluded that it was the micro-structure that posed more difficulties to the subjects because "students tend to consult dictionaries rather carefully whenever they face supposed opaque items (thus mainly idiomatic expressions and most compounds).
Therefore stone wall and gold coin are very close to free combinati ons, while alligator shoes tends to behave like an idiomatic expression.
And viewed in this way, we shall understand better the fact that the hyper-classes of free combinations and idiomatic expressions overlap: a free combination can easily become an idiomatic expression, namely, through the possible frequency of use.
The change of a concept into an idiomatic expression -- idiomatization -- is a special case of this semantic conversion, producing the discrepancy between semantic and post-semantic arrangement Idiomatization, according to Chafe, is a historical process, in which certain specific constructions enter into a special kind of semantic gap, thus producing their unusual meaning.
Make sure the content is free of cultural references and idiomatic expressions that will not readily be understood by people reading the document in a different language.
The challenge for readers or interpreters of texts using idioms of languages other than the predominant medium the novel purports on the surface to be written in "is to understand the intended meanings of idiomatic expressions and to translate them into the other language" (Lustig and Koester 176).
In Bengali literature, idiomatic expressions and relations terms are quite frequently used.