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Though attuned to the formalities of genre and alert to the timelessness of literary emotion, as to the idiosyncrasies of poetic ex pression, Martines argues that literature nonetheless testifies to a particular time and place, and so makes a proper subject for historical inquiry.
Working with ballet companies especially, he says, requires him to bring the dancers up to speed on his demanding personality and his stylistic idiosyncrasies.
The film takes itself far to seriously, visually distancing us from the characters' idiosyncrasies so much so that it's hard to pay attention to what they're talking - or in Spanky's case, screaming at the top of his lungs - about.
Bangkok accepts city life with all its idiosyncrasies, and the many layers of history fuse past and future.
It's a useful guide to the origins, idiosyncrasies, and future of this fascinating and mysterious nation.
Unless you have experience under the hood of a computer and more than a passing interest in network operating systems, it is wise to enlist the help of someone who has dealt with the idiosyncrasies of computer networking.
In each essay Olaniyan applies the dual constructs of expressive and performative paradigms to explore the author's idiosyncrasies in establishing a black aesthetic.
Each apparatus has its own idiosyncrasies," Gillies notes.
And yet despite the album's idiosyncrasies and unpredictability, you still might want to build a bonfire and dance to it.
From a distan ce Grosse's work approaches the fleeting, intangible quality of video; close up, it gives the impression of skin, with the flaws and idiosyncrasies that bring it to life.
He's coming to my yard tomorrow and we'll hunt him twice a week to see if that irons out these idiosyncrasies.