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Inclusive leadership and the idiosyncrasy credit model provide an alternative, accessible framework for practical leadership.
The twentieth century began for Mexican architecture with the assimilation of the austere and radical language of the Modern Movement; its finest moment was the syncretism of modernity and Mexican idiosyncrasy in Luis Barragan; our new century begins with these grand projects that manifest a respect for place and long-term economic sustainability.
We have to allow for at least this much deconstructionism and idiosyncrasy, even in the ascendancy of consumerism after perestroika.
The Diana camera--an apparatus cheaply made in the early 1960s that subsequently developed a cult following not unlike that of Pixelvison video--might be described as a subjectivity machine, a device for the manufacture of idiosyncrasy.
Intricacy and idiosyncrasy were in ample evidence, as was the slightly mad, sweetly obsessive love of swaybacked shelf and toppling pile.
This attitude was engendered not only by the nature of the medium as it was generally understood at the time, but especially by the insatiable appetite of his gaze and even more by its idiosyncrasy.
An expression of cultural hybridity" would be the lazy description of Hew Locke's enormous installation Hemmed In, 1999, but that tired formula does the work's sheer idiosyncrasy a deep injustice.
In th e end, what is most impressive is the infectious sense of liberty and idiosyncrasy with which he places the individual unit within the overall flow, most notably in Cabinessence, where a few unpredictably placed egg-shaped blobs of blue, red, and black steal the show from a vast expanse of pale metallic hues.
The tendency in contemporary art is to gild an existing genre with some stylistic idiosyncrasy that extends its life span in a surprising fashion.
Other work stood slightly outside these issues of representation, but was no less engaging for its idiosyncrasy.