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Today, stock logos and page templates standardize large portions of an institution's website, strengthening the brand and vanquishing idiosyncratic pages.
Gabaix shows how, in a world with fat-tailed firm size distribution, idiosyncratic firm-level fluctuations aggregate up to non-trivial aggregate fluctuations.
Given that endotoxin potentiated the toxicity of several chemicals noted for their idiosyncratic reactions, these responses may have resulted from low-level, episodic, inflammatory events.
For McCullagh, viewing personal data as private property over which individuals should have control "chokes" the "engine" of the economy, which desperately needs data about our idiosyncratic behaviors in its fuel mixture.
There is value," Beecher writes, "in knowing the ways of the streets" (35), the sort of streetwise savvy that the age's "prison" literature and its exposes of "cony catchers" and con-men sought to impart; more important with respect to the Characters, "there is also rich entertainment simply in observing" (35) the city's inhabitants, among whom the Overburians "discovered a gallery of idiosyncratic social types, whereas their predecessors had discovered a theater of the venial and deadly sins" (35).
It's only the odd lapse of one person, but I prefer to see it as symptomatic of a deeper disorder, that being the idiosyncratic approach to objective criteria, itself the fruit of individualism, where one is compelled to leave one's imprint on the drama at hand, and by some action make the thing peculiarly one's own.
The story, which takes place largely in a segregated Texas backwater town, is told from the various perspectives and voices of a cast of idiosyncratic characters in alternating chapters, resonant with themes of legend, fortune and legacy.
In contrast to the traditional view, another stream of theoretical research posits that public announcements can increase idiosyncratic beliefs among market participants.
We follow Kate as she hangs out with her idiosyncratic alterna-friends; talking, laughing, gossiping and mostly pontificating on the future of her and her boyfriend, Ollie (Mike LeBlanc).
So simple an act, the folding of the body onto its knees, and done in as many idiosyncratic ways as there are idiosyncratic human beings.
In this article, we examine several ways in which actual and potential overload affects research choices for the solo researcher, paying special attention to the creation of ad hoc idiosyncratic specialties.