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Ochs wants to make a tight syllogistic case, but it is likely that it is the deep ecumenical sensibilities of his high church Protestant friends that both attract them to him and make them sensitive to what Ochs idiosyncratically sees as postliberalism and less inclined to classic Christian triumphalism, which is, of course, bad for the Jews.
However, Dubai, the premier tourist destination in the UAE, idiosyncratically appears to be going in the opposite direction
For someone ignorant about Israeli and American culture who nonetheless insists on spouting off about the politics and culture of both countries: Yoram Kaniuk's Life on Sandpaper, a genre-bending work of autobiographical fiction, introduces the reader to a young painter and veteran of the 1948 War of Israeli Independence who spent the 1950s hanging out with Miles Davis and Marlon Brando, and who reels off anecdotes of his youth idiosyncratically and with none of the comfortable cliches one might expect.
If part of him has become a conventional writer it's because the world has adopted the conventions that he so idiosyncratically established.
Her discussion of the two forms of sexual solipsism, as she idiosyncratically calls objectification, are especially provocative.
It was different in Libya where the complete control of authority had moved firmly into Muammar Gaddafi's hands and he was able to use his power much more randomly and idiosyncratically backed by oil wealth.
It's always better to be idiosyncratically you than to be something you've seen before and are trying to copy.
Similarly, he interprets those references to Near Eastern gods (including, as he idiosyncratically renders it, "Yhwh") who are mentioned as gods of various places or are given a variety of epithets, as suggesting a fragmentation or "multiple embodiment" of the divinities (24-30), whereas the more usual interpretation is that the god, say Baal, is at one time active in Sidon, at another time in Tyre or elsewhere, or acting now in this manner, now that.
I got a belly-laugh from Bill Bissett's idiosyncratically spelled "Othr Animals Toys," marveled at the subtle rhyming of Newfoundland cabinet minister Gregory Power's "Bogwood," written in the 1930s, and was haunted by Robin Skelton's mobius strip "Stone-Talk.
In Carpenter's case, that decision is idiosyncratically based upon a promise he made that if he survived a medical emergency experienced at a hunting camp, he would kill no more creatures.
Back in Antwerp for the AGM at the Golf Club, idiosyncratically held in this complex little country in French, not Flemish, not because the members are Walloons (French speakers from the South of Belgium), but because the whole haute bourgeoisie and aristocracy in the Flemish cities still cling to French and I thought Britain had an entrenched class system.
Blue uniformed policemen with whistles stand at junctions of stationary traffic, blowing idiosyncratically and waving you on in a surreal display of justifying their jobs.