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After this, the idiotic hilarity of the spectators and the disreputable appearance of the hat when recovered appear but of minor importance.
Relief for overtasked eyes and brain from study and sightseeing is necessary, or we shall become idiotic sure enough.
Don't you know that I've forbidden you to play that idiotic game?
I have learnt something from your idiotic notions: I confess that humbly and gratefully.
Didn't he write in those idiotic broadsheets that anyone, 'whoever it might be, should be dragged to the lockup by his hair'?
He then wanted to know what people did at dances, seeing that he had only been to one thirty-five years ago, when nothing had seemed to him more meaningless and idiotic.
But this, which happens to us all, happens to some with a wide difference; and Will was not one of those whose wit "keeps the roadway:" he had his bypaths where there were little joys of his own choosing, such as gentlemen cantering on the highroad might have thought rather idiotic.
On the other hand, he irritated me by betraying an idiotic interest in the two children, whom he seemed to regard as the hero and heroine of the story.
When he had gone, Sven Anderssen turned toward Lady Greystoke--the idiotic expression that had masked his thoughts had fallen away, and in its place was one of craft and cunning.
Do you call it idiotic to refuse to marry a man I don't love?
He was conscious of failure, of blind, idiotic folly.
Or was it merely a case of blank, staring, sentimental, idiotic innocence?