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Junkies and the idiotically naive die every day after taking chemicals which the human brain and body were not designed to withstand.
A fully-clothed "streaker" held matters up by idiotically running onto the field after exactly 90 minutes, but could only delay the inevitable extra-time before Sessegnon ensured penalties were avoided.
To get a sense of the sheer vanity and outright stupidity of these feudal sheikhdoms one only need to be reminded how they idiotically invested over a trillion dollars in toxic subprime mortgages and over-the-counter derivatives gone awry forever in the Credit Crisis of 2008 in the US alone.
Brezina struts around and idiotically totters while giving a masterful vocal performance portraying the vainglorious and mercantile Praguer, a lover of beer and his own comforts, thundering against everyone and everything in his vicinity.
I see a familiar face in the crowd and grinning idiotically I head towards him, not realising that things have changed over the years.
Arbiter Martin Hansson was correct in allowing the wily Portuguese to take the free kick quickly after Lukasz Fabianski had idiotically picked up Sol Campbell's unhelpful backpass like an under-sevens keeper, tossed the ball to the ref and then dopily turned his back on play to saunter back to his line.
Although human life is sacred and must not be subject to the litany of figures, it might be useful to remind Western politicians who ask idiotically "Why do they hate us?
If you fail to plan your meals you could be planning to fail," she chirruped idiotically.
Ian Briers' letter on Monday April 20 was just the latest and crassest example of this - his idiotically insensitive comments about asking the 'Luftwaffe to come and do the job again' (the destruction of homes and businesses or just the hundreds of human fatalities, Mr Briers?
The reply from the Highbury crowd was instantaneous: 'We hate Scousers, We hate Scousers', a chant with which I idiotically joined in.
Alas, idiotically, I chose to enroll myself in the bitter school of constraint.
Tom Stuart's idiotically beaming, public-school Paris draped himself absurdly around the shoulders of Capulet--it got a huge laugh but nobody seemed to know why Paris was behaving thus.