idle fancy

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A glance at the old chest, as she turned away from this examination, was not without its use; she scorned the causeless fears of an idle fancy, and began with a most happy indifference to prepare herself for bed.
I was a fool when I married him; and I am so far an incurable fool on that subject, that, for the sake of what I once believed him to be, I wouldn't have even this shadow of my idle fancy hardly dealt with.
But that we shall be better and braver and less helpless if we think that we ought to enquire, than we should have been if we indulged in the idle fancy that there was no knowing and no use in seeking to know what we do not know;--that is a theme upon which I am ready to fight, in word and deed, to the utmost of my power.
She talked so much about birth that for a moment I half fancied, and with pain-- But what an idle fancy to suppose that she could think or care what MINE was!
It is no idle fancy to suggest the burgeoning Ukip has seriously damaged those prospects.
ALREADY this season Nicholls has hit a stride that must have his rivals long-arming for the Prozac, and last season's Saturday results alone argue that a similar domination of the jumps season to that maintained throughout 2008 on the Flat by Aidan O'Brien is no idle fancy.
It is not an idle fancy as the 31- year-old has already secured the necessary Rugby Football Union's qualifications.