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The buses idled an average of 289 seconds during arrival preintervention, which was reduced to 116 seconds following the anti-idling intervention.
We are also appreciative of the support from key elected officials who have aided the plant to restart idled capacity.
The low percentage usage for both resources is directly attributable to the fact that a large percentage of these resources were idled during the second shift and that the third shift was completely idled.
The Dow Chemical Company has idled a portion of its polymeric methyl diphenyl diisocyante (PMDI) production capacity at Houston Operations in La Porte, TX, until further notice.
Some observers believe the idled capacity is the one factor that has prevented aluminum prices from dropping lower.
Workers who were idled by the strike and didn't receive vacation and holiday pay during the regularly scheduled two-week shutdown will be reimbursed.
Once all of Empire-Detroit's facilities are fully idled, operating losses should be lower relative to recent experience.