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Like many a plucked idle young gentleman, he was thoroughly in love, and with a plain girl, who had no money
Nor were their ornaments like those in use to-day, set off by Tyrian purple, and silk tortured in endless fashions, but the wreathed leaves of the green dock and ivy, wherewith they went as bravely and becomingly decked as our Court dames with all the rare and far-fetched artifices that idle curiosity has taught them.
It is in vain to hope to guard against events too mighty for human foresight or precaution, and it would be idle to object to a government because it could not perform impossibilities.
For hours and hours during the warmest part of the day I lay upon my mat, and while those around me were nearly all dozing away in careless ease, I remained awake, gloomily pondering over the fate which it appeared now idle for me to resist, when I thought of the loved friends who were thousands and thousands of miles from the savage island in which I was held a captive, when I reflected that my dreadful fate would for ever be concealed from them, and that with hope deferred they might continue to await my return long after my inanimate form had blended with the dust of the valley--I could not repress a shudder of anguish.
Actively monitoring and, ultimately, managing when and how long equipment idles can have a dramatic impact on the overall cost of operations.
However, assuming the typical sleeper truck idles for approximately 2100 hours per year, the payback time for all devices would be less than three years.
As for saving gasoline, a light-duty car with a warm engine that idles for more than 10 seconds burns more fuel and emits more greenhouse gases than shutting down the engine and starting it again.
Studies indicate the average US long haul truck engine idles over 1800 hours annually.
Reducing the amount of time an engine idles can help improve the air quality at truckstops, borders, warehouses, construction sites, ports, airports, and railyards.
The foundry currently idles at a higher temperature than necessary because of turndown limitations of the burner, but is modifying the burner to permit the calciner to be idled at a lower temperature to save idle period fuel cost.