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That this pillar is honored idolatrously by the Timucua is typical again of Calvinism's iconoclastic iconography, here too offering a beautiful representation of the folly of representation, a folly that further underscores the reprobate status of a humanity without the salvation of God.
While admitting that critics of Americanized religion in the 1950s and 1960s, most notably Will Herberg, made an important contribution by pointing to the "utilitarian distortions of religion" (16) when civil religion idolatrously sanctifies American values and goals, Cherry leans toward Sidney Mead and Robert Bellah's distinction between religious nationalism and national religion.
Proper usury of reference must negate idolatrously usurious attention to the sign.
Once the libation of hero worship has been idolatrously poured out before an artist, it must inevitably seep into the aquifer, there to burble into the wellsprings of political life and give society a bad case of Personality Cult.
As Joseph Raben says, it was hoped that Biblical concordances would reveal the "heart" of the truth underlying overlapping and partly contradictory versions of Christ's life as recorded in the Gospels ("Humanities" 343); possibly some of these hopes have spilled over idolatrously into secular uses of CARL.