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5m was plunged into debt after ``misconduct and mismanagement'', with its idolised preacher drawing a large unauthorised wage from worshippers' donations, a probe showed yesterday.
And he has made it clear on numerous occasions that he is desperate to play for the team he idolised on Tyneside as a youngster.
Garrett, now 44, was once idolised by millions of girls for his blond curls and baby-faced good looks.
Mr Thomson's wife,Elizabeth, 79, was the primary school teacher whom the young Sir Alex idolised as a youngster in Glasgow.
Right-wingers idolised her at a party to mark the 25th anniversary of her becoming PM.
Jen, 48, of Aylsham, said: "She died doing the thing she most loved on a horse she idolised.
Why are people with morals like this adored, idolised and given honours?
Russell idolised film-maker and war hero Stan, right, when he was growing up.
He may have been idolised by kids of 14 and under, but in my opinion he is useless and not worth pounds 8,000, let alone pounds 8million.
Hasselbaink, who moved from Leeds to Madrid for pounds 12million last year, is idolised by Atletico fans who will stage a massive protest if he goes.
She was a wonderful woman who idolised her youngest son and lived to see him elected to the highest political office in the land.
Granddaughter Lynda Regan, 38, who nursed them, said: "They could not face being apart after spending so many years together because they idolised each other.