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An expression idolizing the emperor" likely refers to Mori's comment May 15 that "Japan is a divine country with the emperor at its center.
He was trusted because he spoke above narrow national or personal interests--though he was a `Frenchman of Frenchmen', idolizing his country's beauty, cultural heritage and gastronomy.
His art shows empathy, even tenderness for the victim, rather than hurling contempt at the victimizers, as "politically correct" art tends to do, a strategy that not infrequently ends up idolizing the victimizers, confirming their power, however unwittingly.
Roethlisberger, who was 9 years old when coach Bill Cowher became Pittsburgh's coach, grew up idolizing Denver's famous No.
The Mexican players, like so many others around the world, grew up idolizing the American soccer stars.