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There was nothing accounted so ignominious among the
All crimes against the state, are punished here with the utmost severity; but, if the person accused makes his innocence plainly to appear upon his trial, the accuser is immediately put to an ignominious death; and out of his goods or lands the innocent person is quadruply recompensed for the loss of his time, for the danger he underwent, for the hardship of his imprisonment, and for all the charges he has been at in making his defence; or, if that fund be deficient, it is largely supplied by the crown.
The great emporium of its commerce, the great reservoir of its wealth, lies every moment at the mercy of events, and may almost be regarded as a hostage for ignominious compliances with the dictates of a foreign enemy, or even with the rapacious demands of pirates and barbarians.
But, no; on reflection, the procureur was not a merciless man; and it was not the magistrate, slave to his duties, but the friend, the loyal friend, who roughly but firmly cut into the very core of the corruption; it was not the executioner, but the surgeon, who wished to withdraw the honor of Danglars from ignominious association with the disgraced young man they had presented to the world as their son-in-law.
Talking to journalists in meet the press programme, he further said that the PML-N had been running the same old trailer of its history by turning ignominious and vengeful against the judiciary .
He said that it is evident from the spirit of people in public gatherings that opponents of Nawaz Sharif would meet ignominious defeat in next elections.
243 hitter, and is the inspiration for this ignominious, traditional baseball scouting assessment: "Good field, no hit.
Following an ignominious exit from the Europa League where the Scottish champions finished bottom of their section, the Norwegian came under more pressure after the 2-1 home defeat by Motherwell at Parkhead on Saturday, despite still leading Aberdeen at the top of the Ladbrokes Premiership by one point and with a game in hand.
Hence, the book reviews Jackson's dazzling rise to the pinnacle of pop music and his ignominious fall with the backstory of the moonwalk, the military jackets, white socks, glove, plastic surgery, skin whitening and more, scrupulously documented via multiple sources.
He signed off in ignominious fashion in his final match with the club after being red-carded in the 3-0 defeat at Stoke on May 9.
Vettel now faces the ignominious prospect of being beaten by a team-mate for the first time in his F1 career.
Oh dear - what a cloying and ignominious thing to say.