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I am, indeed, ashamed if I have ignorantly given you a moment's pain.
What sensitive chord had I ignorantly touched, when my lips touched her hand?
Being fond of music, she ignorantly supposed that every one else went for that alone, and was much disturbed by the whispering that went on among the young people round her.
Don't treat me as if I were talking ignorantly and madly of something that can never be
In his aunt's presence he could only wait his opportunity of speaking to Mercy, and be ready to interpose if anything was ignorantly done which might give just cause of offense to Grace.
He said, it was not from a motive of vain curiosity he had inquired, but in order to punish the fellow; at least, that he might not ignorantly confer favours on the undeserving.
I had gazed upon the fortifications and impediments that seemed to keep human beings from entering the citadel of nature, and rashly and ignorantly I had repined.
They had ignorantly done something (I forget what) in the town, which barely brought them within the operation of the law.
I ask you - ignorantly and humbly, my daughter - for the better, do you think?
If I happened to have been born in a peculiar place, and under peculiar circumstances that blunted my knowledge of propriety, I fancy I should think myself bound to consider at every step, "Am I going, ignorantly, to compromise any near and dear relations?
Whether it was the consequence of the escape of those men that so great a number came now together, or whether they came ignorantly, and by accident, on their usual bloody errand, the Spaniards could not understand; but whatever it was, it was their business either to have concealed themselves or not to have seen them at all, much less to have let the savages have seen there were any inhabitants in the place; or to have fallen upon them so effectually as not a man of them should have escaped, which could only have been by getting in between them and their boats; but this presence of mind was wanting to them, which was the ruin of their tranquillity for a great while.
One wise aspect behind the evidence for Allah's creation that believers produce with knowledge and science is that it enables some people who blindly and ignorantly believed other people with their materialist mindsets to conclude, through the scientific evidence, that Allah is the sole Creator.