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Imagine a poor Frenchman ignorantly intruding upon a public rostrum sacred to some six-penny dignitary in America.
And all the time, I sat within a few feet of Wingrave, and I knew that in the black box before him were burning love letters from this woman, to the man whose code of honor would ever have protected her husband from disgrace; and I knew that I was listening to the thing which you, Aynesworth, and many of your fellow story writers, have so wisely and so ignorantly dilated upon--the vengeance of a woman denied.
Being fond of music, she ignorantly supposed that every one else went for that alone, and was much disturbed by the whispering that went on among the young people round her.
More worrisome is the statement that the brand issued to clear their stance by ignorantly defending their creative genius rather than issuing an apology.
At the end of a week in which a British police officer and two Russians, one of them an MI6 spy, are in hospital from a suspected Kremlin hit, it is worrying that Trump is now ignorantly lashing out on trade.
Isn't this the real problem: that individuals who align themselves with a racist consciousness, either knowingly or ignorantly, are sitting quite literally on a pedestal and making life altering decisions for black and aboriginal people, and all other types of minorities that come before the court?
While legions of drill sergeants/instructors have wrongly and ignorantly forced generations of troops to clean small arms to the point of their premature demise, proper maintenance does necessitate keeping areas where moving parts mate (such as locking lugs) free from excess fouling and debris.
It is a Brexit for the ideological hard right and we go down that path at our great peril, especially for Northern Ireland and the hard-won peace and democratic process which, tragically, this Government seems so airily causal about and so ignorantly indifferent to.
Powerful lobbies dominate the system, while the hunting public and the hunting industry sit ignorantly appeased by the rhetoric and deceptive PR spread by the media.
Tragic enough, too many people, either ignorantly or intentionally, but happily are still going in the wrong direction in Syria.
To treat this subject so ignorantly as Brian Christley does is nothing short of shameful.
People ignorantly throw around insults like 'you're so bipolar' without realising that attaching such labels to someone may have dire consequences.