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And in Birmingham we are about to see it with wheelie bins which nobody wants but we are about to be ignored and have them forced on us.
While 38 per cent said they feel ignored or excluded by the media, 40 per cent thought of them as patronising and 36 per cent believed the media was either irrelevant or out of touch.
Payback spells trouble: Last April, CalPERS said it would vote against MBNA's entire board because MBNA had ignored a proposal favored by a majority of its shareholders last year.
Personal costs to abuse victims, which authors Audra Bowlus, Katherine McKenna, Tanis Day and David Wright say have been historically ignored when the effects of child abuse have been studied, "have larger repercussions" beyond the individuals and affect the economic well being of the country as a whole.
We've been ignored, marginalized, demonized, dehumanized.
Simply say, "Sometimes I feel ignored by you when we're in a group," and hear what she has to say.
They also ignored the fact that high-school graduation exams have resulted in increased dropout rates and an increasing use of the General Educational Development, or GED, tests as a substitute for a high-school diploma.
It has cashiered or attempted to discredit its own experts, ignored their advice, impeded scientific research into DU's health effects and assembled a disinformation campaign to confuse the issue.
The media then ignored the more significant question in the same poll, which indicated by 69 percent to 29 percent that respondents preferred "improving and strengthening existing public schools" over "providing vouchers.
Through the mid-1960s, law-makers ignored numerous plans designed to restore the spirit of L'Enfant's "grand and majestic avenue" In 1965, the architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill tried once more, introducing a widely hailed plan that would have added public pavilions, kiosks, bandstands, fountains, and refreshment and recreational facilities that would at long last cater to the taxpaying public.